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In Brief

Bindiya Sudarsun was born on 22nd June 2005 which was an auspicious full moon day in Chennai.

She loves her mother Rati the most in the entire world. She loves music all kinds but prefer anything that Rocks. She loves to dance with the most groovy and funky moves. She starts her day rumbling on her father Sudarsun. She is all day busy rolling things, banging utensils, running through gaps and talking the godly baby language. She used to like, going under the dining table, but now she's become very big to go under it. She gets very excited to watch herself on a mirror.

She loves to watch "Make way for Noddy" which is played in POGO at 8.30 AM.

Bindiya is a very sweet baby and both Sudarsun and Rati are a very proud parents. So are her grand parents.

Bindiya's Vocabulary

While Crawling..

What's She Thinking? She gets very excited going to terrace to watch the stars and the moon. She would immediately pickup singing "Twinkle Twinkle little star" with her fists closed and opened immitating the twinkle of the stars. She gets very happy if she has to go out for a ride with her father in Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

Happy BindiyaSome of the songs that she had mastered are "Hot Cross buns", "Bha bha black sheep", "Humpty Dumpty", etc. She has a family song too that she recognizes since he was 8 months old. The finishing touch is by her always. She has also mastered film songs too for example "Emmadi Aatthadi...", a Tamil song.

Excited HerShe is very religious and knows all her Gods by face. She knows how to hold hands and pray. She wakes up in the morning by herself and call for her mother as the immediate next thing. She would wave bye-bye to her father when he goes to work. She goes to bed late in the night after saying a good night to her father.